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JG BAR-10 airsoft sniper rifle


Overview & Rating
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Product Name: JG BAR-10

Product Description: The JG BAR-10 is a cheaper replica of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10. It is designed as a stock model, ready for customization using third party aftermarket parts with wide compatibility; the VSR 10/BAR 10 model is the most common platform for sniper rifle upgrades and kits.


The JG BAR-10 is arguably the best stock sniper rifle for budget-conscious airsoft marksmen looking to eventually upgrade it into a custom, high-power, high-accuracy sniper rifle. At less than half the price of Tokyo Marui’s VSR-10, you’ll have more money left over for high-performance upgrades and customization.

Editor’s Note: We left out the star-ratings for the different aspects of the JG BAR-10 as this rifle is intended to be heavily upgraded and modified. However, as a base product, we rate it a 4.2 / 5.

Hey airsoft snipers! Today we’re going to review the JG BAR-10, JG’s cheaper stock alternative to the Tokyo Marui VSR-10. The BAR-10 and VSR-10 are the two most popular sniper platforms to start as upgrade projects, and the BAR-10’s much lower price tag will give you the freedom and leftover budget to really put your custom upgrades and tweaks into a custom sniper rifle. We’ll also be assuming that some of you are also just looking to use this sniper rifle stock, and that’s okay: we’ll give you both sides of JG’s most popular BASR (bolt-action sniper rifle).

Although even out of the box, the JG Bar 10 is one of the best stock airsoft sniper rifles, the real power and performance comes when you upgrade this BASR with custom internals. Intended as an upgrade platform, the manufacturer kept things very simple and very cheap for easier compatibility and lower price margin for third party accessories.

There are several different variations on the JG Bar 10 that you may run into. There are two different versions of the rifle: the standard BAR-10 and the more compact G-SPEC version. You’ll also see some sold as “450 FPS” or “500 FPS” versions; these are the same rifle just with different strength internal springs in them.

The specs for the JG BAR-10 are already suitable for larger outdoor fields with a good muzzle velocity and lightweight design, so you can already imagine its potential after the desired adjustments. However, let’s look at its simplest form before getting into the modifications.

Each package is delivered with rails and mount for all the most common add-ons like a bi-pod, sling and scope. It also includes a speed loader and 30-round magazine.

As a stock model, it is already suitable for airsoft warfare with an impressive muzzle velocity of around 370-400 fps with 0.25g BBs and around 400-450 fps using 0.20g BBs (Editor’s Note: depends on spring included, the version we link to is cheaper and has a weaker spring as it is intended to eventually get replaced and upgraded anyway). You can expect a maximum range of 190 feet (stock) so you can hit your targets from a considerable distance.

If you prefer using the brand recommended accessories instead of creating your own setup from different manufacturers, you can choose an option with the bi-pod and/or scope already included. These extras come at a friendly price and are a safe bet for a lot of fun on the field. There are also versions that are pre-upgrades with more powerful springs for 450 or 500 FPS versions.

Now let’s get to what really matters: the pros and cons of Jing Gong’s BAR-10 bolt-action sniper rifle.

Advantages & Disadvantages


JG’s BAR-10 sniper rifle is extremely light, barely over the weight of a lot of airsoft pistols. This means that it won’t wear you down during a longer game and is easy to transport, even after adding all your favorite accessories. Even with upgrades and a new inner barrel, your customized BAR-10/VSR-10 will be extremely light and a pleasure to carry around.

The muzzle velocity is very impressive for a stock sniper rifle, fast enough to use on airsoft fields. However, with the right upgrades, the JG Bar 10 is capable of hitting 500 FPS+ even with heavier BBs. You may want to check the rules for FPS limits of bolt-action sniper rifles at your local field before considering which spring upgrade to go with.

The BAR 10 is modeled on Tokyo Marui’s VSR-10 platform for a reason – the VSR-10 platform is the standard platform for sniper rifle upgrades, so you’ll have no problem finding a great selection for customizing this rifle to be your dream sniper rifle. This is great for the real enthusiast and more experienced snipers that have specialized roles and are looking to invest and a high-performance BASR.


Most of the disadvantages and cons of the JG BAR-10 come with using the rifle stock. As this sniper rifle is meant to be upgraded, so if you are looking to use this rifle stock for any length of time (or indefinitely), you’ll probably run into performance and accuracy issues. Without upgrades, the JG BAR-10 is known to double fire, have internal parts that are not screwed on tight enough, and sometimes run into shot curving because the hop-up is tough to hit a sweet spot with. A new spring, gearbox, and inner barrel should be the first parts on your list for upgrades if upgrading this to a custom sniper rifle is your goal.

Again, the stock version is not the most durable option because it has more nylon polymer parts than metal (only metal bolt and metal cylinder system). A metal gearbox and metal inner barrel and stock are strong indicators of the lifespan of an airsoft weapon so not having these features will limit its stock performance.

JG BAR-10 (VSR-10) Specs

JG BAR-10 Specs
Product InformationDetail
Make & ModelJG BAR-10 (Tokyo Marui VSR-10 clone)
Build MaterialAluminum alloy upper receiver, trigger box assembly & cylinder; polymer stock
Weight~ 5 lbs / 2.27 kg
GearboxMetal Trigger Box
Muzzle Velocity400 FPS (can be upgraded to 500+ FPS)
Magazine Capacity30 rounds
Length42 inches (106.68 cm)
Power TypeSpring (Bolt Action)
Firing ModesBolt Action
Hop-UpYes, Adjustable
Ammunition0.20g - 0.30g BBs (stock)

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The JG-Bar 10 is probably the best stock sniper rifle for the experienced, budget-conscious airsoft sniper. The fact that the BAR-10 is less than half the price of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 leaves you a bigger budget and more freedom of putting money into the upgrades of the gun, and thanks to the BAR-10 being built on the sniper gold standard VSR-10 model, the sky is the limit as far as upgrade and add-on selection and availability.

Even left in its stock setup, the muzzle velocity is good enough for outdoor play which is more than you can say for many other models. A few tweaks and you get even more power and precision. As long as you don’t depend on the stock BAR-10 being a laser beam, and plan on it needing some improvement and TLC in the form of eventual upgrades, you and your BAR-10 will get along just fine.

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