Lancer Tactical LT-19B Gen 2 Carbine

Lancer Tactical LT-19B M4 Gen 2 AEG Review & Buyer’s Guide

Overview & Rating

Product Name: Lancer Tactical LT-19B M4 Gen 2 Carbine

Product Description: The Lancer Tactical M4 Gen 2 Carbine is a substantial improvement over the lackluster Gen 1 models. As an entry-level gun, it is suitable for open-field fights straight out of the box. Gen 2 uses a mix of metal and polymer parts, making it light-weight and ideal for beginner airsoft users.

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The Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Carbine makes several improvements on the first iteration. The external parts made from a mix of metal and polymer make this gun more durable in a beginner’s hands. The decent quality polymer allows the build to have a lower weight than fully metallic guns of this size. Coupled with the adjustable stock and a slim outer barrel, the Gen 2 is suitable for a novice in the airsoft field. The internals are of comparatively higher quality, and the Lancer Tactical has proven to be a solid choice for a sturdy beginner rifle that you can tinker with once you get more experience.


Great accuracy, fire rate, and FPS out-of-the-box; supports higher-power batteries for improved fire-rate; adjustable rails allow for good customization; light-weight polymer-based externals suitable for beginners; usable on open-field with no adjustments


The externals lack higher quality, very few metal external parts; sights tend to stick and can’t adjust well or at all; the outer barrel keymod design at 45° isn’t suitable for actual attachments; the stock is flimsy and can separate easily; the magazine can stick and needs to be manually removed.

The Lancer Tactical LT-19B Gen 2 looks to be one of the top performers for beginners, but still has some room for improvement.

Let’s start with the external parts. They look and feel much better, and the metal outer barrel, magazine, trigger guard, sling adapter point and charging handle make for a much sturdier and durable model. However, the rest of the outside pieces are all made of plastic, which slightly lowers the gun’s overall build quality. Do note that the polymer used is of a decent standard and allows the gun to stay just under 4.5lbs in weight, making it more suitable for younger users.

The rail design on the barrel is interesting. With two six-rib side rails and a bottom 10-rib rail all adjustable and removable, you have a decent degree of customization. The top Picatinny rail also allows for all sorts of attachments if you want to outfit your gun to your desires. However, most of the keymod design on the outer barrel is purely cosmetic. You’re only able to use the rails on the sides and the bottom to adjust the Picatinny rails and use other attachments. While this might not be a huge sore point for a beginner, it’s something to keep in mind when discussing further customization options.

The detachable polymer stock has both good and bad points. The stock itself is easily opened to fit the factory-issues 9.6 nunchuck-style batteries. However, we’ve noticed that the stock can fall out relatively easily while adjusting its length. You also might need to tighten it up a bit, as it feels slightly flimsy. Make sure you do your setup before the fight, or you might find yourself with a deconstructed carbine in the middle of the field.

The gun does come with built-in sights. However, these are of relatively low quality. While they can flip up and down, they tend to be really stiff and resist a lot, so it will feel like you might break them. You’re best off just flipping the sights up and leaving them there to prevent damage by forcing them to flip.

The internals of the gun, on the other hand, are quite solid. The TL-19B Gen 2 features impressive 8mm bushings, which means the gun’s inner mechanism is more heavily reinforced compared to the standard 6mm bushings. In fact, most guns don’t go beyond 9mm bushings, so a beginner rifle with 8mm is a great deal. The bushings will make sure you get plenty of playtime with this model.

The inner barrel is 6.03mm wide, which is a somewhat dangerous choice. Higher quality .2g BBs are 5.95mm in diameter, which allows for space to move and prevents jams, but worse BBs might cause your gun to fail more easily. You should definitely use better BBs when handling this gun, but the ones that come with the rifle itself will do for a start.

The performance of the rifle could be accurately described as zippy. With the standard 9.6 nunchuck batteries and .2g BBs, it reaches around 380 FPS and has a fire rate of around 12 rounds per second. You can do some modifications on the metal box inside the gun itself to change these numbers according to your needs. In fact, the gun makes it fairly easy to do that, as you don’t have to open the metal box itself. However, the numbers out-of-the-box allow the gun to be safely used on the open field, which has a 400 FPS maximum. If you overload the gun with 11.1 batteries, you can get around 17 RPS with similar FPS performance, allowing for a much effective airsoft weapon.


Lancer Tactical LT-19B Gen 2 Carbine Specs

Lancer Tactical LT-19B Gen 2 Specs
Product InformationDetail
Make & ModelLancer Tactical LT-19B M4 10” Gen 2 Carbine
MaterialsMetal internals, polymer frame with some metal parts
Weight4.3 lbs
Gearbox8mm bushing set
Muzzle Velocity350-390 FPS (370 with .2g BBs)
Magazine Capacity300 BBs
Battery Type9.6V nunchuck batteries included, support 11.1V
Firing ModesSafe, semi-automatic, and full-automatic
Hop-UpAdjustable hop-up
Ammunition0.20g or heavier
Attachments10” rail on top Two 6-rib rails on each side of barrel One 10-rib rail on the bottom
SightsComes with flip-up sights and aperture
ExternalsAdjustable crane stock that houses nunchuck-style batteries
InternalsMetal piston teeth
ChargingWall-charger with charging light
Barrel Size6.03mm internal barrel
RangeVariable with hop-up, 100 feet (with .25g BBs and hop-up adjusted)

Advantages & Pros

The LT19-B comes with a solid, robust, and sturdy build that’s great for a beginner airsoft user. While the external build might look disappointing being mostly polymer, this helps the gun be comparatively light. With the relatively narrow outer barrel, this makes the LT-19B Gen 2 a good first choice for a younger user who might have troubles with a heavier or bulkier rifle.

The performance of the rifle out of the box is great. I’ve reached Playworthy FPS and fire rates without needing to do any modifications, and you can amp up your experience with more powerful batteries. The gun’s range is outstanding – you can hit a target at over 200 feet with a slight hop-up adjustment.

I’m impressed by Lancer Tactical’s choice to use 8mm bushings on a beginner rifle, as that further adds to the internal build quality and reliability.

Overall, this is a solid gun to start with when you want to move on an open field, but you can adjust the gearbox to tune down the FPS to use it in a CQB. The packaging and value you get out of this rifle are noteworthy at such a relatively low price.

Disadvantages & Cons

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without faults.

The most unfortunate aspects of the rifle have to be its externals. The adjustable stock is one of the sore points. While it does open and close relatively quickly and securely, I’ve noticed that it’s somewhat wobbly and needs to be tightened down. Also, if you adjust the scope and go too far, you might remove it altogether, as the gun doesn’t seem to have a proper stopper to prevent accidents. The stock will probably hang on by the batteries if they’re inside, but you still don’t want to try adjusting the rifle in the middle of combat.

The sights are also a bit disappointing. Although they do work, and you get sights with the rifle included in the price, they feel quite stiff. You need to pry them to flip up the aperture, and you’re just better off leaving the sights up and not risk any further damage.

Additionally, the magazine sometimes doesn’t fall off, so you need to remove it out of the gun manually to change it, if that might improve over time with wear.

Word on the Field

Most players seem to like the performance and affordability of this airsoft weapon. Although it’s not perfect, the LT-19B Gen 2 Carbine seems to have a good reputation for reliability and out-of-the-box value as a solid open-field choice for a beginner.


The Lancer Tactical M4 LT-19B Gen 2 Carbine is a terrific first choice for a younger airsoft enthusiast looking to get an affordable, reliable weapon. With its solid performance, customization, and robust internal build, the LT-19B should serve you well.

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