Well MB08 L96 (AWM/AWP)

Well MB08 L96 (AWM/AWP) Review & Buyers Guide

Well MB08 L96 AWM/AWP airsoft sniper rifle

Overview & Rating
Well MB08 L96 AWM/AWP airsoft sniper rifle

Product Name: Well MB08 L96

Product Description: The WELL MB08 L96 (AWM / AWP) bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle is based on the Tokyo Marui L96 platform, made with high-quality steel and aluminium externals, save for the stock which is made with solid, high-quality polymer plastic. The MB08 has a stock that folds midway just like the real life L96.

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The Well MB08 L96 is a solid, mostly-metal airsoft sniper rifle with a solid plastic stock. The externals feel high-quality and the folding stock locks in with a satisfying click. The internals, however, are poor, and should be replaced or upgraded if you were considering using the MB08 stock. With decent shooting performance out-of-box, its excellent stock, receiver, frame, and bipod combined with the money you save on stock internals, the Well MB08 L96 is a great candidate as an upgrade platform for a custom sniper rifle.


Fantastic, solid internals; mostly metal construction; included bipod, scope, and monopod for stock users; ideal platform for upgrading


Fragile internals, poorly designed cheek rest adjustment, inconsistent muzzle velocity; not ideal for using stock

Hey guys, today we’re going to review the Well MB08 L96, the same platform the AWM and AWP are based on, and an update to Well’s MB01 L96 airsoft sniper rifle.

Well’s MB08 L96 is a new and improved update of the MB01, with higher quality externals and a more solid full metal receiver and barrel and thick, solid, polymer stock. It’s one of the best sniper rifles I’ve reviewed in terms of externals and exterior build quality, with a very well-designed folding stock that folds in the middle just like the real L96/AWM/AWP. The internals, however, looked and felt cheap and fragile and intended to be replaced, which makes the Well MB08 L96 a very competitive alternative to the JG BAR-10 for custom upgrade potential, but you should think twice about purchasing this bolt-action sniper rifle to use stock.

One of the things the MB08 does well is ergonomics and comfort, which is a theme you’ll find everywhere on this sniper rifle. Well’s L96 comes with a no-frills 3x-9x scope with basic crosshair but with 2.5 inch eye relief. It also comes with an adjustable metal bipod that extends to 10 inches, as well as an optional monopod on the back that extends for more comfort. The MB08 L96 also features an adjustable cheek pad and rubber butt pad, all within an ergonomic design; however, the cheek pad adjustment is just two somewhat flimsy bolts, so you’ll probably want to leave it as is. Despite being mostly metal, the Well MB08 L96 weighs at 10 pounds max with scope, bipod, and magazine included.

The true stock version of the MB08 shoots at a max of 420 FPS with 0.20g BBs; however, you’ll want to use something heavier if you’re taking longer shots. The FPS was also a little volatile ranging +/- FPS where the standard is typically 10 FPS at most. There are also higher FPS versions that come with a stronger spring for an additional few bucks.

The MB08 L96’s accuracy was pretty good despite the range in FPS, and I didn’t need to adjust the hop-up at all to get solid shots with an impressive backspin, another convenience included in Well’s sniper rifle. For full disclosure, however, the hop-up looked very flimsy and I was afraid to mess with it much as the sniper rifle we used for shooting was a (new) loaner.

The rifle comes with everything you need to get started, which I give Well credit for. Most sniper rifles don’t come with a scope and often don’t include all the tools and parts you need for assembly, and the MB08 came ready to use stock. It includes tools for assembly, a 3x-9x scope with eye relief and transparent amber caps, a (cheap) sling, and a speedloader. The receiver also features a complete picatinny rail mounting system and full metal bolt.

Well MB08 L96 (AWM/AWP) Specs

Well MB08 L96 Specs
Product InformationDetail
Make & ModelWell MB08 L96 (AWM/AWP)
MaterialFull metal aluminum & steel; plastic polymer stock
Weight~ 10 lbs (4.54 kg)
GearboxN/A (spring)
Muzzle Velocity370-420 FPS (0.20g BBs)
Magazine Capacity30 round low-cap
Length47.24 inches (1200mm) (extended stock); 38 inches (folded stock)
Battery TypeN/A (spring)
ColorBlack, Tan, Green
Firing ModesBolt-Action
Hop-UpYes, Adjustable
Ammunition0.20g or heavier

Advantages & Pros

The first thing I noticed when I unfolded the stock of the Well MB08 L96 was how solid it felt. It felt like a true L96/AWM/AWP sniper rifle. The receiver is a solid polymer plastic, but it didn’t feel cheap, and it’s probably for the best to keep the weight of the rifle down to 10 pounds. The rifle feels very balanced, there were no weights needed in the back of the stock, and the stock extends into place midway through the famous L96 stock hole (for lack of better words) with a satisfying click, just like the real L96/AWM sniper rifle.

It’s also extremely ergonomic, comfortable, and convenient to use. The eye relief on the stock scope was great, the rifle’s balancing made it comfortable and relatively effortless to carry around, the folding stock saves you a good 10 inches to transport it in a standard AEG case, and the externals just feel great. It feels like a rifle that is double its price. It does come with a sling mount and included sling, but the stock sling wasn’t high enough quality that I would recommend that you use it.

The Well MB08 L96 is a solid upgrade platform for a sniper rifle. The typical SR-10/BAR-10 platform, in my opinion, is a bit played out, and it’s nice to see some diversity in sniper rifle platforms. And the MB08 is fully compatible with the Tokyo Marui L96 platform as well as any magazines or upgrade parts on the original Well MB01 L96. The internals are cheap and fragile, but if you’re buying this to customize and upgrade into a true precision BASR (bolt-action sniper rifle), who cares? The mostly full-metal externals and solid polymer stock combined with upgraded internals would make this a hell of a custom sniper rifle, and I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one.

Well MB08 L96
  • Bolt Action
  • Folding Stock

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Disadvantages & Cons

Most of the disadvantages to the Well MB08 L96 come with its stock internals, so unfortunately, if you’re looking to use this sniper rifle stock for long, I don’t know that I’d recommend it. The hop-up felt incredibly cheap and fragile to me. The internals also looked so cheap and fragile that I was afraid to touch them, and looked like they were ready to snap at a moment’s notice after about 50 rounds of test shooting.

The stock has a pretty visible, painted “Made in China” seal on the left side of the stock near the trigger housing, which I could live without.

I would definitely not use the included sling, as the metal clasps look ready to snap, and the last thing you want is to drop your brand new L96 on the ground, especially if you’re using its stock internals.

The cheek rest adjustment knobs weren’t really knobs, they were bolts, and they were very flimsy.

The magazine catch felt loose by the end of our test shooting.

I would replace the single barrel spacer if you can, or otherwise rig it, as its also very cheaply made.

Word on the Field

Most players that I talked to that use or have used the Well MB08 L96 used it as an upgrade platform, or were planning upgrades, and were very happy with it. The externals are extremely high-quality and when combined with high-quality precision internals, the L96 is incredibly accurate its performance mirrors the look and feel of the attractive exterior of the rifle.


The Well MB08 L96 has solid and very attractive externals, and looks and feels like a real L96/AWM sniper rifle. The satisfying folding stock click is enough to make you just want to pick this up, even when you’re not using it. It’s ergonomic, it’s balanced, and it’s comfortable to use and carry. Being based on the L96 platform, there is wide availability and selection of upgrade parts.

Its disappointing internals, hop-up, and cheek rest adjustment knobs make this a poor choice for a stock sniper rifle; although, most airsofters that purchase airsoft sniper rifles for regulation play don’t use stock rifles to begin with.

If you’re an avid airsofter who enjoys the sniper role and are looking for an upgrade platform with fantastic externals and a balanced rifle, the Well MB08 L96 is a very solid choice, in every sense of the word. But if you’re considering using this rifle with its stock internals for casual use or shooting around the backyard or woods, be prepared to replace or upgrade the internals if/as they break.

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