LCT Airsoft AK-47 M70 AEG Review

LCT Airsoft AK-47 M70 AEG Review & Buyer’s Guide

Overview & Rating

Product Name: LCT Airsoft AK-47 M70

Product Description: LCT is renowned for their iconic AK AEG rifles, and the M70 is no exception. The weapon has a durable metal body that can take quite a beating. The under-folding stock makes this Airsoft gun extremely compact for close-quarter combat, which is ideal for the 315-325 FPS range. The wooden handguard looks terrific and provides an authentic look. You also get a reliable V3 gearbox that can sustain full-automatic and semi-auto firing with a gear and piston set. The adjustable hop-up ensures outstanding range, complementing the tremendous firepower. Overall, if you’re looking for a primary Airsoft weapon, the M70 is an excellent choice.

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The AK-47 M70 is a great option for many reasons. The metal materials and components provide excellent durability for the most part. You get a folding stock that lets you turn the weapon into a powerful close-quarter combat solution. The flip-up sights contribute to the M70’s accuracy, and the manufacturer offers a flash hider to limit aftershot flashes.

That said, some of the components could be improved upon. Primarily, the plastic grip isn’t as sturdy as the rest of the gun. Furthermore, the polycarbonate gearbox spring seems to be slightly undersized and isn’t as strong as metal models. Limited compatibility with AK accessories is also a problem.


The M70 can give you the edge on the Airsoft battlefield due to various features. The weapon is well-made and offers a great performance. The majority of the components are high-quality, whereas most of the gearbox is an improvement over older models.


When it comes to the weak points, perhaps the biggest downside of the M70 is the plastic grip that seems a bit fragile. In addition, the gearbox spring could have featured a better build. Plus, there are hardly any LiPo batteries that can fit the gun since it’s primarily designed for 2/3A cells.

LCT delivered a great-looking, intimidating weapon with the AK-47 M70. There are many elements typical of the M70 design, such as the prominent three handguard holes and the flip-up sight in the gas block compartment. You also get reinforced sections under the charging handle.

As for the materials, the manufacturers opted for mostly steel. This makes the item very robust, even though some components feature a weaker build. Namely, the grip is made of plastic, while certain sections contain cast steel.

The lower and upper handguards are constructed of genuine wood, which may look a bit shabby at first glance. Nonetheless, LCT did a great job replicating the appearance of the real M70, providing authenticity to your Airsoft skirmishes.

You can take off the stain fairly easily, which is a handy addition if you want the used look after a couple of matches. But if you want to preserve the original appearance, you’re better off without removing the component.

M70’s build quality is reminiscent of some older AEG models, most notably the OEM parts LCT produced for Inokatsu. The metal receiver feels sturdier than those used for the AK-100 series. The paint is different, and the element is slightly thicker.

Additionally, you get one of the finest under-folding stocks on the market. While you do need to put some extra effort into folding it and flipping the brace into the right position, the component is as strong as it gets. As a result, it can withstand heavy impact and come out unscathed.

Sheet steel is the material used for the flip-up rifle grenade sight. You can maneuver the component easily, and you can mount a grenade adapter or flash hider on the 14-mm thread. Of course, the adapter serves as decoration and complements the gun’s intimidating design. The mount also lets you install a silencer for a stealth Airsoft operation.

To the left sits a sling attachment, which isn’t a common position for the element. They typically lie beside your handguard retainer. Still, it’s a nice addition since it lets you carry the M70 conveniently and fire more accurately by bracing and stabilizing the gun.

The adjustable hop-up is another nifty feature of the AEG rifle. It’s placed under your charging handle and allows for simple modifications.

Finally, the gearbox is a version three item. In the main, it features high-quality construction. The only downside is the polycarbonate sling, which may not be as strong as some players like it.




LCT AK47 M70 Rifle Specs

LCT AK47 M70 Specs
Product InformationDetail
TypeElectric Automatic
FPS315 – 325 FPS with 0.20g BBs
MaterialMetal, Wood, Plastic, and Polycarbonate
Ammo.20g & Above
Magazine Size600 BBs
Gearbox: Reinforced Version Three Gearbox with Polycarbonate Components
Weight7.6 Pounds
Length: 25.5 Inches with a Folded Stock, 35.5 Inches with an Extended Stock
Barrel Length: 17 inches
Color: Black, Blaze Orange
Firing Modes: Safety, Fully-automatic, Semi-automatic
Hop-UpYes, Adjustable
SightsFront and Rear Flip-up Sights, Grenade Sight

Advantages & Pros

In addition to a durable build, the M70 has a lot more to offer. The version three gearbox features an upgraded design to the AK-100 series. The shell material is better, and the gearbox functions a lot smoother. The cylinder compression is perfect, and all the gears have been shimmed properly.

What is more, the magazine is a tight fit, meaning that it doesn’t wobble around the way they generally do on AKs. You can also get some aftermarket magazines and make them suit the compartment perfectly with some minor adjustments. Plus, you can fit as many as 600 rounds in this high-capacity model, providing you with plenty of firepower before you have to reload.

Lastly, the adjustable hop-up is a welcome addition, too. It allows you to modify the trajectory of your BBs, preventing them from dropping too quickly. Thus, you can take down targets from a longer distance.


Disadvantages & Cons

One of the biggest issues with the AK-47 M70 is the tight battery space. The rifle is best suited for older 2/3A cells, which is why you’ll have a hard time getting the right-sized LiPo battery. Furthermore, if you want to use LiFe batteries, you’ll need to do some sanding on the receiver and rear sight block. This can turn into a lengthy job and require heavy-duty tools.

Another problem is the inadequate compatibility with AK-47 accessories. Due to the longer lower and upper handguard, gas tube, shorter receiver cover, and raised front sight, the weapon can’t use traditional aftermarket items. There’s no side rail either, lowering the model’s customizability options even further.

While having a weapon with no modifications works for some people, many Airsoft users will find the lack of accessory options disappointing. If you’re looking for an AEG rifle that can fit a scope, you’re better off with a different AK variant.

Even though most of the interior is solid, there are some weak points. The spring guide, piston, air-seal nozzle, and tappet plate are all made of polycarbonate. While this isn’t too bad, metal would have been a much better option due to its stronger properties.


Word on the Field

Most people praise the gun for its high-quality components and authentic look. The folding stock is the highlight for many users because it’s highly durable and adds a lot of versatility to the AEG rifle. The receiver and the magazine are also outstanding models. Moreover, components like the grenade sight and three handguard holes make the weapon more realistic, emulating the design of the real firearm.

Many shooters, however, have found it hard to get used to the folding stock. Due to the exceptional sturdiness, you may find it difficult to move it up and down early on. But over time, the component won’t be as stiff, and you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to remove the sling mount to fold it. Fully extended, it rests on your shoulder perfectly and stabilizes your rifle to make your shooting more accurate.

Also, bear in mind that it’s usually the intermediate and veteran players who recommend the gun. As a consequence, it may not give you a seamless transition into the world of Airsoft if you’re a newcomer to the game.


Overall, if you’re looking for a close replica of the legendary AK-47, the M70 AEG is a superb pick. The metal components protect the gun from impact and drops, whereas the real wood provides the rifle with extra realism. The shooting mechanic is also remarkable, owing to the folding stock and sling mount that allow you to brace the gun while firing your rounds. The internal parts are nicely constructed, too, with some minor issues that shouldn’t reflect on your performance too much.

The price may be a bit high, but it’s not entirely unjustified. For those who want to bring an AK-47 carbon copy to their Airsoft battlefield, it doesn’t get much better than the M70.

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