Well MB13 Sniper Rifle Review

Well MB13 Sniper Rifle Review & Buyer’s Guide

Overview & Rating

Product Name: Well MB13 Review

Product Description: The Well MB13 is regarded as one of the best introductory sniper rifles around. It has an efficient and ergonomic design, with a mix of metal and polymer parts to maintain a lighter feel while not sacrificing on the performance. The bipod is sturdy and ensures high-range shots with ease. Based on the Maruzen Rifle, this replica is a decent introductory product for those who enjoy a different airsoft challenge.

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The Well MB13 is one of the top choices for an efficient and cheap heavyweight sniper rifle. The rifle’s externals feel high-quality, with mostly metal parts, mainly focusing on the barrel, bipod, and bolt. The gun’s performance and credentials are impressive, with decent FPS output straight out of the box. The scope is generally high-quality and covers a lot of the gun’s actual cost. Overall, the MB13 is a decent heavy sniper rifle that won’t let you down, and can be considered a safe purchase to start your airsoft sniper journey.


Good accuracy and fire rate out of the box; external metal parts with decent weight balance overall; excellent scope for the price of the rifle; adjustable hop-up to fine-tune your experience


The bipod isn’t the best quality even if its metal; comes with .2g BBs which are not suitable for longer shots; somewhat ineffective range out of the box; needs upgrades to become useful for more professional play; accuracy falls off sharply at farther range

The MB13 Sniper Rifle is a good beginning foray into the airsoft sniper rifle feel, with an authentic bolt-action mechanism that works well on the field.

The external parts of the gun are decent. The metallic bolt, barrel, and bipod help the weapon feel more weighty and balanced overall. While using the rifle, I haven’t noticed any particular difficulties or weight imbalances that might throw the aim off. The other parts of the gun are made of polymer to both save on the cost and weight of the gun, which works well if you’re starting out and need a decent gun that you can upgrade. The polymer stock is borrowed from similar carbines and sniper rifles, allowing you to replace or upgrade it fairly easily.

The internals, however, feel like you’d need to upgrade them a bit to get the best performance out of the gun. Like with MB06, the stock options are fairly lackluster and won’t survive prolonged use. You should also keep in mind to properly wipe the inside of the barrel before using it, as it can come with a lot of grease, which might jam your weapon.

The MB13 shines in the optics department. The 3-9x scope included in the sniper rifle is one of the highest quality items of this build, and you probably won’t need to replace it anytime soon, especially if you get used to its performance.

The gun is compatible with a generous 30 round BB magazine, allowing you to get plenty of shots off before you need to reload. Unfortunately, the stock version only has a paltry 12 round magazine, so consider getting an upgrade as soon as you can.

What this gun optimizes is its price to ergonomics ratio. Weighing around nine pounds, this sniper rifle is fairly comfortable to use. The bolt locks securely in place before every shot and generates a satisfying sniper replica feel while in use.

The MB13 has decent accuracy and FPS numbers. The manufacturer claims 480 FPS with .2g BBs, but you’ll generally want to stick to heavier BBs to ensure a better precision on longer shots. Overall, the gun’s accuracy out of the box fell sharply after 100 or so feet, prompting the need to adjust the hop-up and change ammo relatively early in its lifecycle.

With a sniper rifle, expect a lot of trial and error to get it working how you want. The provided .2g BBs are definitely not suitable for longer range, and I’d recommend starting with at least .23g or .25g ammo, but you can go up to .28g if you want. The hop-up will also need adjustments based on your intended range and accuracy, and I’d suggest changing it slightly then testing it out to see if it fits your needs.

The adjustable metal bipod can be used to make decently accurate shots in the true sniper fashion, but do note that it can sometimes feel more flimsy and might not work best during a high-octane fight, so you may not even get to use it properly. The stock comes with an adjustable rest to pair with the bipod, but you don’t get a tripod feel out of the sniper while on the ground.

Well made sure to include everything you’d need right in the package. With the scope and bipod in the box and all the tools needed to adjust the sniper rifle according to your needs, the MB13 is a safe bet for a first choice. It will perform well and you can upgrade it easily down the line.



Well MB13 Sniper Rifle Specs

Well MB13 Sniper Rifle Specs
Product InformationDetail
Make & ModelWell MB13 Sniper Rifle
MaterialsMetal + polymer
Weight8.8 lbs
Muzzle Velocity480 FPS with .2g BBs
Magazine Capacity12 BBs, can purchase 30 BB magazines
Firing ModesBolt-action single fire
Hop-UpAdjustable hop-up
Ammunition0.20g or heavier
Attachments10” rail on top
SightsComes with 3-9x 40 scope
ExternalsMetal bipod, barrel, trigger, bolt
InternalsFully metal
Barrel Lenth1100mm
RangeVariable with hop-up, average 100 feet
Barrel Size440mm barrel length
BipodComes with adjustable 10” metal bipod

Advantages & Pros

The first thing to notice with the Well MB13 is the high-quality scope. Scopes of that magnification and build quality will account for a good chunk of this sniper rifle’s price. You can recoup a lot of its cost if you intend to upgrade it if you leave the scope as is, as it doesn’t require a change to work effectively.

The rifle’s externals are reliable and give it a decently weighted and balanced firing feel. The spring-powered mechanism inside won’t need a lot of adjustments to work exceptionally well.

Straight from the box, the rifle performed decently at mid-range, with few adjustments needed to maintain a decent accuracy. Plus, the gun is easy to carry and use for a beginner sniper, and you should really treat it as a premier starter sniper rifle.

Overall, the Well MB13 features a solid external build with some decent internal parts that will form a good backbone for future improvements. I’d recommend leaving the scope and possibly the bipod intact, as they are the better parts of this sniper’s build.

Disadvantages & Cons

Most of the problems with this sniper rifle come with its stock internals and manufacturing.

Although the gun is rated with .2g BBs, I wouldn’t recommend using them for long-range shots, as they tend to perform terribly at that range. The gun’s stock magazine also comes with paltry 12 BBs, so be sure to purchase a replacement that can fit 30 BBs instead.

The hop-up of the sniper rifle can be hard to find and adjust for a complete beginner, so you might have some trouble at first when using this gun. Additionally, the hop-up doesn’t really fare well over time, as it feels quite stiff and might be prone to breaking down, so consider it a part that should be upgraded relatively soon.

When it comes to accuracy, the MB13, unfortunately, performed badly over anything above 100 feet, and even that was a stretch. You should test out your sniper rifle with a wide variety of different BB sizes and hop-up adjustments to get it to shoot at a range according to your needs. This makes this gun slightly less suitable for out of the box play than other rifles and is a point against it being made for beginners.

I’d recommend the MB13 only for its solid external build to start off with and the powerful scope, as everything else can (and probably will) be upgraded as you go.

Word on the Field

Generally speaking, the MB13 performs decently, but most players agree that it’s not the best rifle for its price range compared to its competitors. However, they applaud the external solid build and the inclusion of a scope and bipod in the package, as well as the bolt-action feel of the rifle.


The Well MB13 heavyweight sniper rifle can be a great first choice for someone looking to purchase a sniper airsoft gun to expand their collection and get a new airsoft play experience. With its robust external build, it will survive the upgrades it needs to perform to the fullest, and won’t disappoint the newer generation of players. As long as you realize that the gun is meant to be upgraded over time and that its starting price point makes it an excellent upgrade base for the long run, you shouldn’t have any problems with the MB13.

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